Customer & Employee Feedback

Ask for your employees’ feedback on anything, from business questions to new concepts.

Our platform allows you to reach out via white-labeled email surveys to your customer and employees, all from the same consumer insights dashboard.


Customer Feedback

Survey your customers about their recent experiences.

  • Target segments of current customers
  • Test your ideas to see what your customers really think
  • Gauge customer satisfaction

Employee Feedback

Engage with your employees to see how they are enjoying their job and allow them to give anonymous feedback about pressing internal questions.

  • Improve employee performance
  • Effectively listen to and implement feedback
  • Determine employee satisfaction

Concept Testing

Test new concepts for your brand with your customer and employee base, all managed by the Gauge Insights Platform.

  • Improve current products
  • Evaluate consumer opinion of new product ideas
  • Assess messaging and marketing materials

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