Employee Feedback

Ask your employees anything. Instantly.

Feedback on New Ideas

Your team’s successful execution of new projects can take a good idea to something incredible with the right buy-in.

Our platform lets you ask your employees for feedback on business questions, new concepts, and designs. This enables your team to be a part of decisions and allows you to validate anything in minutes quickly.

Pulse Surveys that are Fun and Engaging

Our application makes employee feedback surveys rewarding and fun for the employees.

Pulse surveys can be created in a few steps and are delivered instantly to employees with a push notification. This data is collected and shows reports in real-time so you can see what your team thinks immediately.

Employee Feedback with Gauge

Employee Engagement and Buy-In

The Gauge Employee Feedback Ecosystem allows companies to gain feedback from their employees on anything in minutes. Our rewarding mobile experience drives team buy-in and engagement.

Engaging Employee Feedback Surveys.

Our employee feedback surveys were created to be short, engaging, and meaningful to both the employee and employer.

With a focus on design and experience, we make employee feedback surveys engaging and fun while allowing companies to get quick pulses on topics in minutes.

We believe that a strong focus on survey design and simplicity is the best way to obtain quick feedback from employees and drive engagement.

How to use Gauge for Employee Feedback

Employee feedback surveys focussed on design and simplicity.

Engage with your employees more frequently and gather their input on business decisions.

Gather Feedback on Employee Happiness
Validate New Concepts with Feedback from other Teams
Let your employees give feedback on team outings and internal matters
Discover how new programs impact your employees

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