Customer Experience

In-the-moment feedback from your customers when it’s most important.

Listen and respond to your customers

Getting quick pulses on retail locations and competitors can be game changing when trying to understand your customers by location and market.

With Gauge, we make it easy to create campaigns that allow customers to give feedback on specific parts of their experience in real-time.

Hyper-Segmented Feedback in Real Time

Our platform allows companies to create location experience, competitive intelligence, or research campaigns that can be set up in minutes.

Our network of geo-fences and ability to place beacons at specific trigger points allow for quick research from consumers when in locations.

Customer Experience with Gauge

Location-Specific Insights Gathered in Minutes

The Gauge Experience Ecosystem lets companies gather data from consumers based on where they have shopped and visited.

Finally, CX surveys that are painless to fill out.

Our ecosystem was created with a focus on simplicity and user experience for the people giving feedback.

With a focus on short and painless survey taking process, we make it interesting and meaningful for customers to give companies feedback on their experiences.

We believe surveys should be beautiful and short. Our experience ecosystem and Gauge App let us do that.

How to use Gauge for Customer Experience

In-the-moment insights from consumers

We make it easy to obtain feedback from consumers when they’re in specific locations or parts of stores.

Cutomer Experience Surveys
Competative Intelligence Campaigns
Brand Awareness by Location
Location-specific Research Campaigns

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