Consumer Insights

Get feedback in real-time from your target audience.

Create a Campaign in Minutes

With Gauge it’s as simple as three clicks to get your research campaign up and running. Simply select your target audience, add your questions, and watch the data flow in real-time.

We believe research is for everyone, so we’ve created our platform in a way that lets anyone quickly obtain feedback on anything.

Get Results Instantly

We know your business needs to make decisions today. With Gauge, you can get thousands of responses from a target market in a matter of hours.

We make it simple to quickly get feedback on designs, copy, concepts and more.

Consumer Insights with Gauge

Feedback on ideas delivered instantly

The Gauge Ecosystem is focussed on allowing companies to obtain feedback and engage target customers in a way which is true to your brand and authentic to the end customers.

We’re changing the way companies research.

Our ecosystem was created with a focus on simplicity and user experience for the people giving feedback.

This allows us to obtain feedback rapidly while rewarding people for their time.

We believe surveys should be beautiful and short which is why we empower brands to ask the right questions to the right audience.

What to test with Gauge Consumer Insights

Use real-time market research to drive your business decisions.

We make it affordable and easy enough to literally test any business question, concept, or design in the time it takes to have a meeeting

Test New Concepts
Measure Brand Performance
Ask Business Questions
Validate Business Ideas

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