Consumer Understanding

Our platform allows you to create and launch a campaign in just a few clicks.

Obtain feedback and engage with your target customers effectively, while still staying authentic.

In the time that it would take to hold a meeting, you can test any idea or concept you need and get meaningful results from our panel.


Quick turn surveys

Launch your campaigns instantly and get results in minutes. Our innovative platform allows you to set your own quotas.

Our customers use Gauge for:

  • Market-sizing
  • Diary and longitudinal studies
  • Path to purchase studies


Use Gauge's geolocation capabilities to ask consumers questions as they enter or leave locations to get their real-time sentiments. We're powered by leading location data providers with access to 140mm locations worldwide

In-the-moment can be used for:

  • Understanding customer experiences while they're in the store
  • Engage competitors customers to understand why they’re going where they go, what they buy, and how to best convert them
  • Ask consumers about in-store compliance initiatives; like if they were offered the store credit card, if the razor end-cap was stocked and on brand, or if the cashier asked for ID when buying an alcoholic beverage

Concept testing

Obtain feedback on new ideas and understand how consumers would respond.

Use Gauge Creative Testing to:

  • Test Package and Product claims
  • Understand what consumers are willing to pay for new products
  • Gauge interest on new product and service concepts from the people who would purchase the product.

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