Ad Effectiveness

Test your creative content, new concepts and understand ad recall instantly from your customers.

Measure advertising lift across every channel.

Get real-time feedback from targeted audiences to create better campaigns and quantify effectiveness.


Creative testing

Test out new creative campaigns and get consumer feedback before they are put on the market.

  • Logo and Brand Tests
  • Creative Concept Testing
  • Video Advertising Feedback

Out of Home Testing

Have your customers take a picture or react to out-of-home advertising such as billboards and in-store marketing to understand consumer perceptions and store compliance.

  • Obtain feedback from consumers as they pass billboards or physical advertising
  • See ads as they appear from customers' point of view
  • Understand consumer reactions to in-store marketing from people in-the-moment

Brand Tracking

Use Gauge to track consumer perceptions of a brand over time.

  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Trends in consumer perception as it relates to advertising
  • Longitudinal studies

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