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Why Use Gauge?

Make data-driven decisions today.

We let you survey your target market and obtain feedback in minutes. We understand that you need data today which is why we developed our platform which allows you to create and launch a campaign in a few clicks.

Consumer Insights

Obtain feedback on new designs, concepts, and business questions in real-time from a the right audience.

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Customer Experience

Gain actionable intelligence from customers in-the-moment when they are in specific stores or locations.

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Employee Feedback

Instantly receive feedback from your employee base on ideas and concepts through pulse campaigns.

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One Platform.
All of your core insights.

The Gauge Platform was designed so anyone can obtain feedback in from a target audience in real-time.

Our platform lets you quickly create research, experience, and employee feedback campaigns all from one place.

We’re revolutionizing the UX of research.

The general image of a survey is a long, complicated, and unrewarding experience.

We’re here to change that up. With the creation of the Gauge App, we let consumers and employees give feedback to brands in an engaging and rewarding way; while empowering brands to ask the right questions to the right audience.

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